Artful Career Academy Applications Still Being Accepted!

It’s not too late to take action towards your dreams for your art. Maybe you’ve been going around in circles, taking classes and wishing you could figure out how they do it. How do artists make a living? Is there a secret formula?  

Paying the bills while growing as an artist… it’s not just a dream. How would you feel if you had a job that fits your personality as well as helps you to develop your style as an artist? Have you purchased many online courses and lack the accountability to finish them? Do you struggle with developing your own style or even just finding the time in your busy life to practice your art?  

If you are ready to commit to making your dream a reality, the Artful Career Academy is the perfect place for you whether you are at the beginning of your artistic journey or have already made some sales. The Artful Career Academy is a 6-month, online, professional development program for artists which will set you up with a clear creative path to a real career! You’ll use the coursework you’ve already purchased to satisfy the program requirements. Your development plan will single out the courses that will help you reach your goals and show you what skills you still need to learn.  

The Artful Career Academy is about accountability and support. You will transform from dreamer to knowing what truly makes you happy and you’ll be ready to start a real job with a steady income and space in your life to make art. The program is six months long but you will have lifetime access to the materials, trainings and community.

Applications will be accepted until January 13, 2018.  Schedule a coaching call or apply now!

Kristina Solheim