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Maybe it involves...

  • Dropping into your creative flow with ease and working in a beautiful studio day in and day out

  • Confidently handing out business cards with your name followed by the word Artist on them

  • Feeling supported by a close network of artist friends who rejoice in your milestones and a coach who cheers for you and gently nudges you back on track when you begin to wander

  • Seeing your bank account filled with sales from your joyous and grateful customers

With our immersive, self-study courses, you'll:

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Gain clarity by working one-on-one with Kristina Solheim, business coach and artful career expert, to get down to the nitty-gritty of where you want to go and how to get there

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Have the flexibility to complete your program with an additional year of access as you juggle your day job, make sure dinner's on the table for your family, and tick off all the other boxes on the checklist of "real life"

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Create time to invest in yourself - to build the skills you need to turn your art dreams into the flourishing art business you know it can be.

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Take concrete and actionable steps - like putting yourself out there and showing your art at local events - with all the confidence necessary to do so (you've so got it, and you'll certainly learn how to harness all of it)

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Be able to look back at this exact moment, completely awestruck at what a difference such an investment made for your artful career.

Artful Career Courses

Start here: Design Your Artful Career Roadmap • 12 weeks • Starts 9/30/18 • $997

Starting with getting clear on your vision for your career, artists will explore careers and get a chance to work 1:1 with Kristina to create their unique artist development plan in order to reach their goals.  We will work on shifting our mindsets from wherever we are stuck, into confidence and action.  In December, we’ll get together for a live workshop to set goals for your business in 2019. 

This course includes: videos and resources on a course website, printable workbook, two 1:1 coaching sessions with Kristina, live half-day workshop in December, and weekly office hours live on a private Instagram profile. 

Design Your Artful Business • Coming 2019

Once we go through setting up your business and social media accounts, you'll then create your own unique income plan which will include developing products, setting up multiple revenue streams, and conducting valuable market research.

This course includes a live workshop where you'll be able to create your simple marketing plan, and a BONUS workshop to create your About Me page on a simple website. 

Design Your Artful Days • Coming 2019

In this course, we'll establish your Studio Practice so that you're excited to show up everyday, ready and excited to get to work. We'll explore Creativity and Flow as they pertain to you as you embark on your business journey. 

The course includes a Critique Club and a workshop showing you how to develop your style in collections.

Finding Your Tribe & Creating Your First Course/Workshop • Coming late 2019

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Open enrollment starts September 1
First day of school: September 30

Don't let this opportunity be the one that got away


Become a VIP & buy entire Artful Career Academy!

Get full access to everything offered in Artful Career Academy for a limited time.  This includes any new workshops and courses added through 2020 and quarterly 1:1 coaching calls with Kristina • Price: $4400 (payment plan available)

  • Value (as of August 2018):
    • Design Your Artful Career Roadmap $997
    • Design Your Artful Business $1497
    • Design Your Artful Days $997
    • Eight quarterly coaching calls with Kristina $2000
    • All upcoming trainings, workshops, special events & courses $1000-2000+

Buy the entire Artful Career Academy for $4400
(Payment plan available)