Career Development for Artists
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Maybe it involves...

  • Dropping into your creative flow with ease and working in a beautiful studio day in and day out

  • Confidently handing out business cards with your name followed by the word Artist on them

  • Seeing your bank account filled with sales from your joyous and grateful customers

With our immersive, self-study courses, you'll:

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Gain clarity by working one-on-one with Kristina Solheim, business coach and artful career expert

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Have the flexibility to complete your program with an additional year of access as you juggle your day job and make sure dinner's on the table for your family.

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Take concrete and actionable steps - like putting yourself out there and showing your art at local events - with all the confidence necessary to do so (you've so got it, and you'll certainly learn how to harness all of it)

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Be able to look back at this exact moment, completely awestruck at what a difference such an investment made for your artful career.

Artful Career Courses

Start here: Artist Vision Workshop (free)

What does a future as an artist really look like for you?  What do you really, REALLY want? This four-step workshop is free! Are you ready to get clear on your vision for your future as a mixed-media artist?

  • Step 1: Visualize your most dreamy artist life.

  • Step 2: What is a "working artist" and what other income is possible for you?

  • Step 3: : Get in touch with your core values- what makes you light up?

  • Step 4: What's your "ikigai?" 

Next: Design Your Artful Career • Spring 2019

Are you ready to commit to your career as an artist? This career development course will take you from dreaming to doing. Tuition includes a 1:1 career coaching session with Kristina Solheim. It's not a course you can buy and never take.  The goal is to give you the support you need to launch your business this year. How would it feel to spend the next few months designing your unique artful career? Click below for more details and to get on the list for early access.

GRADUATE TO: Artist Emergence • June 24, 2019

This seven-week program is for artists who want support in setting up every detail of their business. From “Do you need a business license?” to “The Batch Method” and “Your Income Goals,” you will work daily with business coach Kristina Solheim to go through every little step to creating the foundation for your creative business. Doors open June 14!