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Is Artful Career Academy right for you?  

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I’m a beginner artist. Will this program work for me?

Yes! From beginner to advanced artists, this program will be great for you if you need 1. accountability to finish the courses you want to take, and 2. figure out what job or career would be best for you. Either you are wanting to switch careers, or you are interested in bringing in some income while you continue to develop your art style.

Why pay for this kind of program? I can just finish my courses on my own.

Do you feel like you are learning everything you need to start making money from your art or get a job in the art community? How would you feel, a year from now, if you just kept going the way you are going now? How soon would you like to figure out the ideal career for you so you know what you’re working toward?  

In ACA, you will receive lots of support! You’ll have support from me, you’ll have a cohort of students all working toward similar goals, and you’ll have mentors coming in. You’ll have access to new training modules every month so that you can learn new business skills while you are working on your art. You’ll have a personalized development plan so you know exactly what skills you need to reach your goal.

I don’t have time to do more courses right now.

The beauty of the Artful Career Academy is that you use the courses you’ve already purchased to create your development plan! We will evaluate your coursework before the program even starts and work with you on what skills you might be missing in order to reach your goal. No one student’s plan will be the same! Your plan will be unique, just like you are! As you work through the program, we will provide accountability for you to finish your courses. How much money have you spent so far on courses and art supplies? Wouldn’t it be nice to use those things to improve your art and also reach a goal of a new career in art?

How is Artful Career Academy different from other artist professional development programs?

The Artful Career Academy is for artists who want to transition into a new career, or re-enter the workforce. You will examine your core values, past work experience, and desires for your future in order to decide what career will bring you the most satisfaction. Our program is unique in that we focus on two things simultaneously: growing as an artist, and figuring out what job is a perfect fit for your skills, passions, and lifestyle.

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Can the Artful Career Academy really help Me find My "soul's work"?

Let me tell you, I was you! I struggled for years with crippling self-doubt and just dabbling in anything and everything art-related. When friends praised my art, I just thought “if they only knew.” It took years to be able to use the title Artist. Even then, I despaired of ever doing something with my art. And when it came down to it, I didn’t like spending every day in the studio working on art. I didn’t feel that it was my soul’s work, not my passion!  The Artful Career Academy is my soul’s work and I am uniquely able to help other struggling artists to discover and claim their own path. I’m also a single mom and I know that family comes first, so I understand how difficult it is to work on your art full-time or go back to traditional school. I believe that I can help you reach your goals through the Artful Career Academy

If I don’t finish my development plan/requirements by June, what happens?

Though the trainings will all be delivered over a six-month period, you will have lifetime access to the materials including any new trainings that are added in the future!

How much time will I need to spend per week for this program?

If you plan to finish within the 6-month session, I suggest spending 2 hours per week. One hour on coursework, and one hour on your art. It will be different for everyone because it depends on how much coursework you have already completed. Students who have a lot of completed courses or studied art in college will move through the program easily with <2 hours of time spent on the Academy per week. 

Please note that this program does not have a set end-date! Graduating into the alumni network is available to you as soon as you complete your development plan. Even spending 1 hour per week, you will make significant personal progress towards your career goals. Don't forget! You have lifetime access to all program materials!  

Maybe I should do an accredited BFA or MFA program. Artful Career Academy isn’t accredited.

If you have the time and money, yes! Do it! There’s something truly special about doing a degree in the arts in person. Degree programs take years and tens of thousands of dollars to complete. For those of us who don’t have these resources, you can do the Artful Career Academy.

The cool thing about ACA is that you can do this program from anywhere in the world- all trainings are virtual and you can take classes online or locally that will satisfy the skills on your development plan. ACA is not an accredited institute of higher education. But, to let you in on a secret we are working on expanding the Academy to include a credential and as part of the first cohort of students, you will be grandfathered into the credential program.