Program Curriculum

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pillar 1: The practice of art

The first pillar is all about getting to know your fellow students, getting clear on goals and having accountability to work on your courses. You’ll explore the concept of how contemporary artists can become apprentices to artists throughout history and set up your systems for success in the academy. As a group, we’ll look at developing our style and narrowing our focus in the practice of making art.

pillar 2: The theory of art

In the second pillar, you’ll continue working on your coursework with an emphasis on art history and examining careers in art. You’ll be focusing on crafting your support network including choosing a mentor. 

Pillar 3: Study Abroad- Art in the Global Economy

The third pillar is about getting outside your immediate community and learning about art as part of the global economy. This elective can be satisfied by 1. attending an art retreat in a foreign country or 2. developing your own independent study program by doing a deep dive into another country’s art and culture from the comfort of your own home. As a group, we’ll explore careers in the digital economy and refine our development plans. 


pillar 4: The business of art

In this pillar, you’ll narrow in on your career goal and improve your skills at writing, finance, marketing, etc. As a group, we’ll look at business models, the importance of social media in the art community and how to create digital courses.  

Pillar 5: Being Visible

We rise by helping each other! This pillar is about connecting with your communities and being of service. You will design and complete a service project and build a mentoring relationship with another artist. As a group, we’ll talk about why it’s important to be visible, and practice dealing with self-doubt and imposter syndrome.  

Pillar 6: Graduation Project

Pulling together everything you’ve learned so far, you will complete a graduation project based on your career goal.  

Complete a work of art and write or present to us about the experience.
Plan and run an in-person art class or retreat.
Intern with a retail shop or other online business.
Plan and run a virtual exhibition with art from your fellow students