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Welcome to Artful Career Academy!  This is your homepage. Please bookmark.  It will be updated with each Pillar of content, and you will see links below to your Progress Tracker and the Facebook Group.  Watch your email for more information!

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pillar 1

The Practice of Art- In January, we will be taking the StrengthsFinder assessment, drafting our development plans, having coaching calls, and doing the Core Values Workshop.  Schedule 1 hour per week into your calendar to make art.  Set aside another hour per week to do lessons from your development plan.


Pillar 2

The Theory of Art- In February, we will continue working on our coursework from our development plans and you will make a list of mentors to approach.  


pillar 3

Study Abroad and Art in the Global Economy- In March, we continue working on our art, explore art careers, and draft a career development plan.

Study Abroad Proposal (download)