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Unfolding Your Life Vision

Are you wondering what's next in your life?

Do you have a clear vision of where you're headed?

Are you cravign more creativity and fun?

In this playful, out-of-the-box workshop, you'll gain fresh perspectives about your life vision and you'll learn how to make a simple and unique collaged accordion book.  It's a vision board that fits in your pocket!


The Dream Box Workshop

Are you looking for more passion and purpose in your life?

Do you have a big dream but aren't sure how to move forward?

Are you longing for more support and encouragement as you make your creative dreams real?

In this fun, interactive, artistic workshop, you'll visualize your goals, you'll create a unique, tangible reminder of your vision, and you'll move into inspired action.


Blow the lid off your year!


This is a similar workshop to the Dream Box Workshop but a different format for the box.



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